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Expert Groups and Task Forces

UN-Water’s Expert Groups and Task Forces bring together experts to drive progress on a certain theme or towards a specific goal.

    UN-Water Expert Groups

    Expert Group on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Shares information on 2030 Agenda related developments of UN-Water interest. Advises on the strategic scope of UN-Water’s engagement in the 2030 Agenda and prepares proposals and plans for coordinated interventions among UN Water’s Members and Partners.

    Expert Group on Drinking-Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

    Support the implementation of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework. Support coordination and exchange of information between UN-Water Members and Partners on their activities with regards to WASH. Support the work related to the human rights to water and sanitation.

    Expert Group on Groundwater

    Shares information on groundwater-related developments and avoids duplication among UN-Water Members and Partners. Supports the mainstreaming of groundwater in water-related processes.

    Expert Group on Regional Level Coordination

    Provides an open platform for the exchange of experiences and lessons learned from implementing regional-level work on water.

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    • Workplan

    Expert Group on Transboundary Waters

    Coordinates substantive inputs to policy processes related to transboundary waters (surface water and groundwater). Coordinates promotion, awareness-raising, and outreach efforts supporting transboundary water cooperation.

    Expert Group on Water and Climate Change

    Supports cooperation and coordination of efforts and messages of UN-Water members and partners on water and climate. Contributes to raising the awareness on the importance of water in climate change adaptation and mitigation and vice versa as well as knowledge on good adaptation practices. 

    Expert Group on Water Quality and Wastewater

    Addresses topical questions under consideration by UN-Water as they arise in a virtual way and share the latest state of information and member expertise. Responds to emerging needs for information.

    Expert Group on Water Scarcity

    Coordinates collaboration between UN-Water members and partners to make effective use of available resources and expertise in addressing the growing imbalance between “supply” and “demand” of water. Increases political prioritization of water scarcity through policy debate to accelerate progress towards the achievement of SDG 6.

    UN-Water Task Forces

    Task Force on Country Level Engagement

    Evaluates how UN-Water might add value to the country level in view of the UN reform process, also building on previous findings of the former UN-Water Task Force on Country-level Coordination.

    Task Force on Innovation

    Coordinates the activities of UN-Water Members and Partners on the innovation accelerator of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework. (Documentation coming soon.)

    Task Force on Water Action Decade Implementation

    Coordinates the activities of UN-Water Members and Partners in support of the Decade implementation. Facilitates information sharing between Member States, United Nations and other stakeholders, including through reports and Decade website.

    Task Force on World Water Day and World Toilet Day 2023

    Coordinates the World Water Day and World Toilet Day campaigns 2023 on the topic ‘Accelerating Change’.

    Task Force on World Water Day 2024

    Coordinates the World Water Day campaign 2024 on the topic ‘Leveraging Water for Peace’.

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    UN-Water Expert Groups

    Expert Groups (EGs), each focusing on a cross-cutting issue in need of coordination, are established by the Senior Programme Managers (SPMs) and gather technical experts from across the UN family and other international organizations. As such, they represent the UN’s collective expertise on the given issue. Expert Groups also provide a platform to exchange information, knowledge and experience, to cross-fertilize activities of individual agencies and to avoid duplication. Expert Groups form a core activity of UN-Water’s effort to increase cooperation and coherence within the United Nations system.

    UN-Water Task Forces

    UN-Water activities are also carried out through Task Forces (TFs) established by the SPMs in order to draw on the varied expertise of the United Nations system and of UN-Water Partners. Task Forces are time-bound in nature and focus inter-agency collaboration on the delivery of a specific product (e.g. a report or an event). Therefore, Task Forces automatically end at the completion of their task. Task Forces form a core activity of UN-Water’s effort to increase cooperation and coherence within the United Nations system.