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Regional Level Coordination

The United Nations organizes its Members States into five regions: Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Western Europe, and Others. Coordination at the regional level is vital to meeting the specific water-related challenges faced by the countries in each of these areas.

The Expert Group on Regional Level Coordination

The Expert Group on Regional Level Coordination – established by UN-Water in 2019 – aims to provide a platform for discussing and pursuing regional-level coordination and collaboration towards SDG 6 and relevant related global policy frameworks.

Participants exchange regional information, knowledge, and experience and coordinate regional-level activities on the water, sanitation, and water-related issues that are being jointly pursued by UN-Water Members and Partners.

The Group also aims to provide a route through which UN-Water can interact with regional-level collaborative arrangements established by the United Nations Secretariat.

Functions of the Group

The Group performs many functions, including providing an open platform for information exchange, reporting to UN-Water on the preparation of regional forums, and supporting collaboration and coordination of key activities. Find out more in the Workplan and Budget of the UN-Water Expert Group.