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Country Engagement

To achieve SDG 6, we need transformative change in the way the international community supports countries in their water and sanitation efforts.

Driven by demand, UN-Water supports United Nations Resident Coordinators and United Nations Country Teams in three ways:

Connect: Through the UN-Water Inventory, UN-Water connects countries to the diverse water and sanitation expertise, technical assistance, and initiatives of UN-Water Members and Partners. And, UN-Water supports requests for SDG 6-related data, policy, and technical advice for the Common Country Analysis, Cooperation Framework design and water-related Results Groups.

Coordinate: UN-Water helps strengthen national and regional coordination and exchange on water management and sanitation, including through sharing best practices, connection with UN-Water Members and Partners, and seed funding.

UN-Water is currently developing inter-agency guidance on empowering a coordinated response to SDG 6, focusing on the importance of United Nations reform, the Common Country Analysis, the Cooperation Framework and country programming. 

Act: The SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework unifies the international community’s support to countries for SDG 6, aiming to deliver fast results at scale. Other initiatives include: Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6, SDG 6 Capacity Development Initiative, Roadmap for the human rights to water and sanitation, Hand Hygiene for All initiative, Water and Climate Coalition, World Water Quality Alliance, among others.