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What We Do

UN-Water’s role is to ensure that the United Nations ‘delivers as one’ in response to water-related challenges.

We do this through three lines of work: informing policies, monitoring and reporting, and inspiring action. 

Over 30 United Nations organizations carry out water and sanitation programmes. The main purpose of UN-Water is to coordinate these activities, thereby creating synergies and maximizing efficiency.

Ultimately, UN-Water seeks to increase the effectiveness of support provided to Member States in their efforts towards achieving international agreements on water.

Informing policy processes and addressing emerging issues

UN-Water helps shape global policy responses to disasters, climate change, sustainable development, and other issues, and is the architect of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework.

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Supporting monitoring and reporting on water and sanitation

UN-Water is a monitoring hub providing support to countries to reduce their reporting burden and making harmonized data and information available to all.

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Building knowledge and inspiring people to take action

UN-Water coordinates the global thematic campaigns for World Water Day and World Toilet Day every year and creates engaging communications on key water-related issues.

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