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UN-Water GLAAS 2019: National systems to support drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene - Global status report 2019


Many of the 115 countries and territories surveyed by the 2018/2019 UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) survey are taking steps to achieve SDG 6. About half of them have set targets that aim for universal WASH coverage by 2030, and there are numerous examples of governments specifically targeting open defecation, which will have a dramatic impact on public and environmental health.

At the international level, GLAAS surveyed 29 external support agencies and found that they are prioritizing a focus on WASH systems strengthening.

WASH is a foundation of public health and a catalyst for many areas of development. The ambition of SDG 6 is high, but every step towards better WASH services for more people is a step towards eradicating extreme poverty and improving health and well-being for all.

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