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Women for Water Partnership (WfWP)

WfWP uses water as an entry point to women’s empowerment and to improve equitable access to water for all, for all uses. Local women groups are coached and supported to manage and supervise their own projects, lobby and advocate to influence local agenda’s and to become leaders or agents of change in their constituencies. WfWP capacitates and supports member organizations to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of policies and programs in their regions and countries.

At the global level WfWP and its member organizations use their collective voice for women in global agenda setting and contribute to international policy development through UN and other global processes. WfWP looks out for improving policies and keeping governments to their commitments. WfWP’s knowledge exchange and learning platform, along with regional workshops and peer-to-peer support, facilitates members in sharing best practices, lessons learnt and expertise on different themes. It contributes to improved project implementation, and stimulates “out of the box thinking”.

Estimated budget for water and sanitation activities (USD):
0-1 million

Current work on the Sustainable Development Goals

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