Step-by-step methodology for monitoring integrated water resources management (6.5.1)

The Integrated Monitoring Guide provides a basis for national governments to monitor progress towards the new Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation (SDG 6). The Guide includes step-by-step methodologies outlining how countries can monitor each of the SDG 6 global indicators.

The methodologies have been designed to allow countries to monitoring SDG 6 at a level in line with their capacity and resource availability, and they promote harmonization and the use of international standards.

The step-by-step methodology for 6.5.1 explains how to monitor the degree of integrated water resources management implementation (0-100), including definitions, computational steps, and recommendations on spatial and temporal resolutions.

UN Environment is the custodian agency of indicator 6.5.1, and they have developed this methodology in a consultative process that included countries, international agencies and other experts.

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Download step-by-step methodology 6.5.1 on integrated water resources management:

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