WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program for Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP) – 2015 Update

Produced by the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene, the 2015 Progress Update and MDG Assessment provides a comprehensive review of progress since 1990 and looks back on 25 years of water, sanitation and hygiene monitoring. The report charts major trends in access and service levels over the MDG period and goes on to consider how far improvements in water and sanitation have benefitted different socio-economic groups. It specifically focuses on inequalities between the richest and poorest segments of the population and presents interesting new ways to visualize progress in reducing inequalities, underlining the challenge of achieving universal access post-2015.

The final section celebrates the JMP jubilee with a retrospective analysis of the evolution of WASH monitoring over the past 25 years. It describes the contribution of the JMP and shows how it has informed and responded to major developments in the WASH sector including recent efforts to lay the foundations for post-2015 monitoring.