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Integrated Monitoring Guide for SDG 6 - AR, CH, EN, FR, RU, SP


The Integrated Monitoring Guide provides a basis for national governments to monitor progress towards the new Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation (SDG 6). It seeks to embrace and build on existing monitoring efforts at the country level, allowing countries to begin monitoring efforts at a level in line with their national capacity and available resources, and from there advance progressively. The Guide also promotes harmonization and the use of similar standards and definitions, to facilitate the sharing and comparison of data both within and among countries and over time, and it should not be seen as a prescriptive set of rules to be adhered to.

The Guide is a living document that will be revised as necessary throughout the SDG period, to capture methodological and technological developments that can improve monitoring effectiveness and efficiency.



G1. Good practices for country monitoring systems

Description: Learn more about institutional processes and principles for implementing SDG 6 monitoring at the country level, including success factors, institutional arrangements, stakeholder involvement and resources needs.


G2. Sustainable Development Goal 6 targets and global indicators

Description: Presentation of SDG 6 and its targets and global indicators, including a brief overview of target and indicator definitions and how and where indicator data can be collected.


G3. Step-by-step methodologies for monitoring SDG 6 global indicators

Description: Draft step-by-step guidance on how the SDG 6 global indicators can be monitored, including definitions, computational steps, recommendations on spatial and temporal resolutions.


G4. Joint glossary for SDG 6 monitoring (not yet drafted)

Description: Definition of all terms/concepts relevant to SDG 6 monitoring and how they relate to each other

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