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World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

WWF’s Freshwater Practice is made up of over 400 people working on freshwater issues in 50+ countries.  Collectively the Practice works to deliver the two outcomes:

Healthy Habitats & Species: By 2030, protection of freshwater habitats has doubled and good management and restoration of freshwater habitats has stabilised freshwater species populations.

Clean Flowing Rivers: By 2030, the river flows and quality of the most important ecosystems are maintained or restored.

Our Goal is to ensure that Freshwater ecosystems and their services sustain people and nature. Achieving this goal depends on global cooperation on all fronts and will be measured by a reversal in the declining Freshwater component of the Living Planet Index (LPI), together with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) of ‘Water for All’.

Current work on the Sustainable Development Goals

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