The youth movement for water

The 14th European Youth Parliament for Water united 70 passionate youth from 16 countries together for a week in Rovereto, Italy, to learn how to make a difference for Water and Peace.
The Parliament is an initiative of the International Secretariat for Water (ISW) – Solidarity Water Europe (Solidarité Eau Europe) movement, committed to youth since 1998, and part of its #WaterGeneration youth strategy. It is also aligned with the #BluePeace movement to strengthen transboundary water cooperation.

#WaterGeneration youth strategy for 2017-2022, aim to mobilize, connect and support young water leaders from 18-27 with innovative programs and a resource centre. Over the next five years ISW-SWE will work to build a movement for action, a movement that involves the large-scale, dynamic and connected mobilization of young people worldwide – giving young people a greater role in managing water-related challenges.

During the 14thEuropean Youth Parliament for Water, organised under the theme WATER & PEACE, two videos were produced.