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UN-Water Inventory. An overview of the UN-Water family’s work on water and sanitation


UN-Water is the coordination mechanism for the United Nations’ (UN) efforts on water and sanitation. The mission of UN-Water is to enable the UN to ‘deliver as one’ on water-related issues by maximizing UN system-wide coordinated action and coherence. Through its Members and Partners UN-Water ultimately works to strengthen Member States in their efforts to secure sustainable water and sanitation for all.

The UN-Water Inventory provides an overview of the collective work of the UN-Water ‘family’: UN-Water’s Members and Partners working on water and sanitation-related goals and targets.

UN-Water Members (currently 32) are UN agencies, programmes and other UN entities dealing with water and sanitation-related issues. UN-Water Partners (currently 41) include Partners with Special Status, which are entities hosted by the UN but with independent governance, and Partners, which are non-UN international organizations, all working on water and sanitation-related issues. So far, only Members and Partners with Special Status have been included in the Inventory. Information relating to other Partners will be added in due course. The Inventory also includes an overview of the intergovernmental bodies relevant to the UN’s work on water and sanitation.

UN-Water Publications

UN-Water’s publications can be divided into two main groups: the publications that represent all Members and Partners of UN-Water – the collective products – and the publications that are under the UN-Water umbrella but produced by groups or individual UN-Water Members and/or Partners – the related products.