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A holistic water goal

SDG 6 water cycle
SDG 6 water cycle

Building on the traditional representation, this illustration shows how the targets within SDG 6 cover the whole holistic water cycle in an integrated manner.

The goal has eight targets that relate to 6.1) safe drinking water, 6.2) adequate sanitation and hygiene, 6.3) water quality and wastewater, 6.4) water use and scarcity, 6.5) water resources management and 6.6) ecosystems, 6a) international cooperation and 6b) stakeholder participation. Target 11.5 on water-related disasters (under SDG 11 on sustainable cities and communities) provides a powerful example of the many water- and sanitation-related linkages across all of the SDGs.

UN-Water Publications

UN-Water’s publications can be divided into two main groups: the publications that represent all Members and Partners of UN-Water – the collective products – and the publications that are under the UN-Water umbrella but produced by groups or individual UN-Water Members and/or Partners – the related products.