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FINAL REPORT Monitoring progress in the water sector: A selected set of indicators

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UN-Water Task Force on Indicators, Monitoring and Reporting - Final Report

In 2006, the Task Force on Monitoring finished its study by publishing ‘Water Monitoring: Mapping Existing Global
Systems and Initiatives’. In May 2008, the Task Force on IWRM completed its mandate by launching the ‘ Status
Report on Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Plans’ at the sixteenth session of the
Commission on Sustainable Development. In 2008, UN-Water took the decision to establish the new Task Force on Indicators, Monitoring and Reporting (TF-IMR). TF-IMR built its work on the findings of the previous two Task
Forces and concluded its mandate in August 2009 by presenting its final output (a short list of 15 key indicators) at the
Stockholm UN-Water meeting.

UN-Water Publications

UN-Water’s publications can be divided into two main groups: the publications that represent all Members and Partners of UN-Water – the collective products – and the publications that are under the UN-Water umbrella but produced by groups or individual UN-Water Members and/or Partners – the related products.

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