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Water for Climate Mitigation study presented at the Bonn Climate Change Conference

The 60th session of the Bonn Climate Change Conference, hosted by the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will take place from 3 to 13 June 2024 at the World Convention Center in Bonn, Germany.

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This conference is a pre-sessional event in preparation for the COP29. Attended by an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 delegates representing nations worldwide, these biennial gatherings serve as a pivotal platform for advancing climate action. The discussions, spanning a diverse range of topics, play a crucial role in setting the stage for collaborative efforts and consensus-building towards effective climate policy and implementation strategies.

On the first day of the Conference a side-event with focus on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), will convene Parties in a round table discussion serving to demonstrate how countries are taking stock of water action for climate mitigation and adaptation measures, and to shed light on strategic points for mainstreaming water as a necessary aspect for NDC and NAP implementation.

Bonn Climate Change Conference side-event: Building water-wise NDCs and NAPs
Monday 3 June, 13.15 - 14.30 CEST, in Room: Berlin


During the side-event a new study carried out by the International Universities for Climate Alliance (IUCA) at the request of the UN-Water Expert Group on Water and Climate Change will be presented. The study titled 'Water for Climate Mitigation: Estimating the Global Freshwater Requirements of Climate Mitigation Measures' offers preliminary global estimates of water requirements associated with the climate mitigation measures required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon in the atmosphere.

Learn more about the role of water in climate action and the energy revolution, in this blog from the UN-Water Expert Group on Water and Climate Change.

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