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Water Action Agenda progress report

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has published a comprehensive mapping and progress report on the Water Action Agenda - the pivotal initiative born out of the UN 2023 Water Conference's call for voluntary commitments to accelerate action towards water and sanitation targets, most notably Sustainable Development Goal 6.

General Assembly

To date, the Water Action Agenda has more than 830 commitments, reflecting significant global mobilization and heightened ambition towards enhancing water and sanitation management.

The aim of the mapping and progress report is to lay a solid groundwork for understanding the current landscape of Water Action Agenda commitments, the challenges faced, and the progress achieved. The authors conducted a survey and received responses from 280 commitment-holders.

The report unveils that a significant proportion of commitments are in their nascent or intermediate stages of implementation, and that there is a wide geographical spread of commitments and strong stakeholder engagement from governments, NGOs, the private sector, academic institutions and local communities, among others.

However, the review highlights an urgent need for increased funding, enabling environments and increased capacity, requiring an intensified effort in international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

  • Explore the 'Mapping and Progress of the UN 2023 Water Conference Water Action Agenda' report here and browse the Water Action Agenda here

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