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UN system-wide contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals

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The newly-launched Report of the Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group on the Development Coordination Office showcases what United Nations (UN) agencies, funds and programmes have collectively achieved in 2022 to support countries to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Some key results include: 

  • 30.6 million people gained access to at least basic water services.
  • 160 million people received food assistance.
  • 28.3 million children gained access to education.
  • 400,000 micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises accessed financial and digital services. 
  • 17.2 million adolescent girls received prevention and care interventions to address child marriage.
  • US$ 2.3 billion in additional resources catalyzed for SDG acceleration from domestic, developmental and private financing.
  • 130.2 million CO2 eq emissions reduced (tons).
  • 6.7 million people gained access to justice.

The United Nations Secretary-General has called for a ‘decade of transformation’ to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

To make the most of UN’s expertise at the global, regional and country levels, impartial and empowered UN Resident Coordinators have been leading UN teams to support countries to catalyze and accelerate sustainable development. This includes the transformation of food systems and education, and climate action, offering a strategic entry point to UN expertise, forging partnerships, mobilizing funding and leveraging the SDGs financing. 

  • Get a snapshot of progress in the interactive online report here.
  • Explore the full report here.

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