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Themes set for UN 2023 Water Conference

The UN 2023 Water Conference, to be held in New York, 22-24 March 2023, is fast approaching. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite the world around the water crisis and accelerate action towards water and sanitation for all.


Special accreditation for non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders is now open

This second and final round of special accreditation is open to relevant non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, the scientific community, the private sector and philanthropic organizations whose work is relevant to and want to participate in the UN 2023 Water Conference, but that are not in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), or that have not been accredited to either the Summit or during the first round of special accreditation. 

This will be the final round of special accreditation for the UN 2023 Water Conference. Please click here to apply before 2 December 2022


Themes finalized for the five interactive dialogues

UN Member States have finalized the themes for the interactive dialogues that will take place during the UN 2023 Water Conference in March 2023.

During a Preparatory Meeting, on 25 October 2022, at UN Headquarters in New York, the following themes were adopted:

  • Water for Health: Access to WASH, including the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation;
  • Water for Sustainable Development: Valuing Water, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, and Sustainable Economic and Urban Development;
  • Water for Climate, Resilience, and Environment: Source to Sea, Biodiversity, Climate, Resilience, and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR);
  • Water for Cooperation: Transboundary and International Water Cooperation, Cross Sectoral Cooperation, including Scientific Cooperation, and Water Across the 2030 Agenda; and
  • Water Action Decade: Accelerating the Implementation of the Objectives of the Decade, including through the UN Secretary-General’s Action Plan.

The themes of the five interactive dialogues are based on the five accelerators of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework, launched by UN-Water in 2020: Financing, Data and Information, Capacity Development, Innovation and Governance. 

The Conference will aim to inspire action-oriented commitments by a range of stakeholders that, together, will create the “Water Action Agenda” to drive progress on water and sanitation issues long into the future.

For more information on the UN 2023 Water Conference, please click here.

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