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Launch of SDG 6 indicator reports

The monitoring of progress towards SDG 6 is a means to making it happen. High-quality data help policy- and decision makers at all levels of government to identify challenges and opportunities, to set priorities for more effective and efficient implementation, to communicate progress and ensure accountability, and to generate political, public and private sector support for further investment.


UN-Water is later today launching seven reports that track progress towards the various targets set out in SDG 6 using the SDG global indicators:

The reports are based on country data, compiled and verified by the United Nations agencies responsible, sometimes complemented by data from other sources.


The reports will be launched on Monday 27 August 14:00 CEST at the World Water Week in Stockholm, and celebrated with a stand-up session in the UN-Water Pavilion 17:30 CEST. During the week, the authors of the reports will also be interviewed on Facebook live, to highlight main findings and lessons learned.

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