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IAEA Launches Global Network to Improve Management of Water Resources

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has launched the Global Water Analysis Laboratory (GloWAL) Network, which aims to help countries develop tailored water management strategies by providing assistance to generate data on water samples, which can inform national water policies and governance, and strengthen water management capacity through training fellowships and staff exchanges. The network will encourage partnerships between developed and developing countries in regional sub-networks in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and Central Asia.

The GloWAL network will contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 6 on clean water and sanitation, and will provide water analysis capabilities, contributing to the understanding of the hydrological cycle. Isotope hydrology will be used to measure isotope ratios in water. Stable isotopic tracers can be used to determine water quality, while unstable (radioactive) tracers can be used to track water movement.

The IAEA is bringing its considerable resources and expertise to improve water analysis capabilities and support the growth of the network through designated laboratories, each categorized as one of three ‘Nodes’. Development Nodes have basic water analysis capacity and require significant investment, Growth Nodes are operational but need more equipment or capacity development, and Anchor Nodes are well-equipped and support other laboratories or countries. 

  • Explore the Global Water Analysis Laboratory (GloWAL) Network here.    

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