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Gender contextualisation of SDG 6 global indicators

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The UN-Water Integrated Monitoring Initiative for SDG 6 is currently developing approaches for the ‘gender contextualisation’ of the SDG 6 global indicators to support gender-relevant evidence-based policy making in countries. The work on gender contextualisation began in June 2021 and will continue to the end of 2022, after which a set of tools and approaches will be included in country-level capacity building activities in 2022 and subsequent years.

More information can be found in our concept note ‘Promoting Gender-sensitive and Inclusive Analysis of Water and Sanitation Data‘.

To support this important work, a group of Gender Experts has been convened to provide expert input and feedback on the work and draft outputs of IMI-SDG6. The Gender Experts have significant practical experience on gender issues, either at project, national or global level, as well as additional expertise on the gender-and-water nexus, gender data/monitoring or gender and other SDGs linked to water.

Gender Experts supporting the SDG 6 gender contextualization work

Mr Radu Ban, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ms Antra Bhatt, UN Women

Ms Maria Ana Borges, Global Water Programme, IUCN

Ms Bethany Caruso, Emory University

Ms Hajar Chamoun, ACTED, Lebanon

Ms Jelana Chipungu, Centre for Infectious Disease Research, Zambia

Ms Lisa Debevec, Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Mr Ayanda Dlamini, Transformation Directorate, South Africa

Ms Sara Duerto Valero, UN Women’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Ms Yolanda Gomez, Philippines Water Partnership (PWP), Philippines

Ms Melita Grant, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Ms Maren Heuvels, GIZ, Germany

Ms Diana Iskreva, Earth Forever Foundation

Mr Dibya Kansakar, retired employee, Department of Water Resources and Irrigation, Nepal

Ms Seemantinee Khot, FAO

Ms Szilvia Lehel, UNDP

Ms Fernanda Matos, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ms Mellissa Morgan, Bureau of Gender Affairs, Dominican Republic

Mr Albert Motivans, Equal Measures 2030

Mr Neville Okwaro, Ministry of Health, Kenya

Ms Petunia Ramunenyiwa, Transformation Directorate, South Africa

Ms Isha Ray, Berkeley Water Center, UC Berkley

Ms Virginia Roaf, Sanitation and Water for All

Ms Lisa Schechtman, USAID, United States of America

Ms Phuti Setati, Transformation Directorate, South Africa

Ms Besean Shonnar, Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), State of Palestine

Ms Nathalie Simoneau, WWF US

Ms Sheela Sinharoy, Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University

Ms Jessica J. Troell, International Water Program

Ms Barbara van Koppen, International Water Management Institute

Ms Marie-Laure Vercambre, French Water Partnership, France

Ms Lesha Witmer, Women for Water Partnership (WfWP)

Ms Fanni Zentai, GIZ, Germany

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