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FAO publication on remote sensing for water productivity

Achieving food security in the future while using water resources in a sustainable manner is a major challenge for us and the next generations. Agriculture is a key water user. A careful monitoring of water productivity in agriculture and exploring opportunities to increase it are required.

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To monitor the performance of water use in agriculture the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has developed a publicly accessible near real time database using satellite data that allows monitoring of agricultural water productivity - WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity.

A new WaPOR publication titled 'Water accounting in the Awash River Basin' provides the water accounting study for the Awash River Basin in the central Rift Valley of Ethiopia which experiences water scarcity.

The Awash River Basin is the most utilized river basin in Ethiopia hosting most of the industrial activities in the country, a number of small to large scale irrigation schemes and the main population centres of the country with more than 18.6 million people. The basin faces high water stress during the peak of the irrigation season and frequent flooding in rainy seasons.


Access the publication Water accounting in the Awash River Basin.

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