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Facebook live during World Water Week

From 26 to 31 August, the 2018 edition of World Water Week will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. If you are not attending the event, you can also engage with us digitally and watch our Facebook live interviews.

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Sunday 26 August

  • 'The coordination task of the UN Family'
    • Interviewee: Olcay Ünver, Vice Chair of UN-Water, Deputy Director of Land and Water Division at FAO
    • Date and Time: Sunday 26 August | 15.00


Monday 27 August

  • How can we get on track to achieve SDG 6?
    • Interviewee: Stefan Uhlenbrook, UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme
    • Date and Time: Monday 27 August | 16.00
  • Discussion on integrated water resource management in a global context
    • Interviewee: Peter Koefoed Bjørnsen and Maija Bertule UN Environment-DHI Centre
    • Date and Time: Monday 27 August | 16.30

Tuesday 28 August

  • The importance of water ecosystems
    • Interviewee: Stuart Crane, UN Environment 
    • Date and Time: Tuesday 28 August | 11.00
  • How can water cooperation facilitate other types of collaboration?
    • Interviewee: Francesca Bernardini, UNECE and Alice Aureli, UNESCO
    • Date and Time: Tuesday 28 August | 15.00
  • Water quality in a global context
    • Interviewee: Hartwig Kremer, UN Environment
    • Date and Time: Tuesday 28 August | 15.30


Wednesday 29 August

  • Wastewater in a global context
    • Interviewee: Graham Alabaster, UN-Habitat 
    • Date and Time: Wednesday 29 August | 11.00


Thursday 30 August

  • The global situation for drinking water and sanitation
    • Interviewee: Richard Johnston, WHO and Tom Slaymaker, UNICEF
    • Date and Time: Thursday 30 August | 11.00
  • World Water Day 2019: 'Leaving no one behind'
    • Interviewee: Rio Hada, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    • Date and Time: Thursday 30 August | 11.30
  • World Toilet Day 2018: When Nature Calls
    • Interviewee: Dave Trouba, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
    • Date and Time: Thursday 30 August | 15.30


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