New policy brief series on wetlands

Wetlands are the link between land and water, and play a number of roles in the environment, principally water purification, flood control, carbon sink and shoreline stability. Wetlands are also considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems, serving as home to a wide range of plant and animal life.
Constructed wetlands can be used to treat municipal and industrial wastewater as well as stormwater runoff. They may also play a role in water-sensitive urban design.

Ramsar now launch a new policy brief series on wetlands. These short summary papers gather information on particular wetland-related subjects to facilitate decision making. They provide policy options and an evaluation of these options for a specific audience of policy makers.

Download the two first policy briefs:

Wetlands for disaster risk reduction: Effective choices for resilient communities

Integrating multiple wetland values into decision-making