Nature Hires: How nature-based solutions can power a green jobs recovery

14 December, 2020

Natural systems play a vital role in supporting employment. According to a new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), some 1.2 billion jobs in sectors such as farming, fisheries, forestry and tourism are dependent on the effective management and sustainability of healthy ecosystems. Stressing or destroying vital ecosystems will have enormous economic, as well as environmental and social costs.

Nature-based Solutions offer an opportunity and can address a wide range of urgent societal challenges while at the same time stimulating job creation and sustainable economic activity. They also enable better alignment and integration of agriculture and energy sectors with economic, employment, social, climate and biodiversity goals.

Nature-based Solutions, such as restoring water catchments, can increase water availability and reduce soil erosion, contributing to increased agricultural productivity. Similar benefits can be found in sectors such as fisheries and forestry, where the use of Nature-based Solutions can sustain or enhance the jobs and productivity of those working in these sectors.