Making the Sustainable Development Goals Known to All

With just over three weeks until the 2030 Development Agenda is formerly adopted in New York, excitement and anticipation are mounting around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenge of course, is what comes next.

Following a successful final round of negotiations in July, Member States have agreed upon a framework for 2030 Development Agenda to be formally adopted at the upcoming UN Summit September 25-27. While this milestone event reflects a shared sense of optimism and achievement among those who have worked to solidify the agenda, how will the SDGs be bought to life for the rest of the world? 

In an effort to tackle this challenge, the Global Goals campaign is working to build awareness about the goals to ensure they become both “world famous and successfully acted upon.” As part of this collaborative effort, Project Everyone (the brainchild of film-writer Richard Curtis) has taken on a daunting task: to tell the world’s 7 billion people about the goals within 7 days of their adoption. 

Based on the idea that if the goals are universally known, they’ll be upheld, the campaign seeks to educate, inspire and engage people around the world through lesson plans, radio programs, an international call for prayer, a global citizen festival and more. With plenty of celebrity endorsement and a wealth of resources, downloadable materials, and events in the works, there is something for everyone to take action