High-level panel on water stress and human migration: making the link

Brasilia 19 March, a high-level panel organized by FAO on behalf of UN-Water, will be hosted at the 8th World Water Forum. The event will focus on the linkages between water stress and migratory movements globally.
Migration is a universal and common process and is linked to development in multiple ways. When mainstreamed in broader frameworks, especially in development planning, migration can benefit the communities at both origin and destination. Migrants can and do support their home communities through remittances as well as the knowledge and skills they acquire in the process while contributing to the host communities’ development. Safe, orderly and regular migration can contribute to agricultural development, economic growth, food security and rural livelihoods. Migration can also be a part of climate change adaptation efforts. Yet, those migrants who are poor and low-skilled face the biggest challenges emanating from migration that occurs on involuntary, unsafe and irregular basis.
Download the flyer for the high-level event here.