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World Resources Institute (WRI)

WRI helps companies, cities and countries understand water risks and invest in solutions for a water-secure future. We produce innovative data and analysis tools to help decision-makers understand current and future water risks. We identify ways for policymakers to build water resilience, prevent water-related conflicts and invest in nature-based solutions. We guide companies on water stewardship initiatives that can reduce financial risk and improve collective water security. And we work with cities to expand water access and address the root problems of water insecurity to create more resilient communities. Aqueduct identifies and maps water risks like floods, droughts and stress. We work to advance best practices in water-resource management and ensure sustainable growth in a water-constrained world. The WRI Water Program focuses on Water Security, Nature-Based Solutions, Corporate Water Stewardship, and Water Quality.

Estimated budget for water and sanitation activities (USD):
1-10 million

Current work on the Sustainable Development Goals

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