12 November: Water Day at Race-to-Zero dialogues

11 November, 2020

On 9-19 November the High-Level Champions for Global Climate Action are convening the Race to Zero Dialogues, in close collaboration with the Marrakech Partnership.

The Race To Zero Dialogues will serve as critical input to the UNFCCC Climate Dialogues from 23 Nov – Dec 4, which are advancing work to governing the rules of the Paris Agreement. Together, both Dialogues will set the stage for the Anniversary of the Paris Agreement on 12 December as the world embarks on the ‘Race to Zero’ towards COP26 in 2021.

With different topics addressed during the 10 days, Thursday 12 November is the Water Day. This full-day event brings together some of the world’s leading experts who will share their insights into how a water perspective and water solutions can help us tackle the climate crisis more effectively.