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UN Chronicle: The Quest for Water

19 March, 2018

The latest UN Chronicle issue, “The Quest for Water” focuses on ensuring availability and sustainable management of water for all. The articles explore important... Read more

A gendered value chain analysis

1 March, 2018

Women play important roles in fishing economies worldwide, although the stereotypical “fisherman” is exactly that: male For example, while men dominate the work of fishing... Read more

Making cities sustainable

26 February, 2018

When it rains in Bhopal, India – and during the monsoon season it rains a lot – run-off from the landfill contaminates the water supply of around... Read more

The world agricultures watch

22 February, 2018

With the world needing to provide roughly 50 % more food by 2050 – and with climate change, land degradation, watery scarcity and other challenges threaten... Read more