World Bank: Seeing the Invisible – A Strategic Report on Groundwater Quality

28 July, 2022

The World Bank’s new report – Seeing the Invisible: A Strategic Report on Groundwater Quality – describes why, and how, groundwater quality is vital to human health, agriculture, industry and the environment, and explains its importance to the World Bank’s work and to decision-makers in countries at all stages of development.

Two publications accompany the strategic report:

The Practical Manual on Groundwater Quality Monitoring aims to provide managers of development programmes with guidance on how to set up and manage a groundwater quality monitoring programme. The overarching principle is that monitoring is the fundamental activity that shapes the identification of issues, the framing of problems, the design of solutions, and the measurement of the effectiveness of those solutions.

A policy brief – Groundwater Quality : A Strategic Approach – highlights for policymakers the key messages from the strategic report, outlining the main areas for action to accelerate improvements in groundwater management to ensure the resource can satisfy current and future demand.

The three volumes can be accessed from the World Bank here: