World Bank host self-paced eLearning course on Water Utility Financing

10 June, 2021

The World Bank recently launched an online and self-paced learning course on “Water Utility Financing”. The course is primarily designed for water sector professionals to understand why adequately financed utilities are imperative to achieving universal access and enhanced water security, as well as to devise ways to fill utility financing gaps.

The Water Utility Financing course provides an overview on how to evaluate and improve the utility’s financial performance. It also focuses on how to make the utility credit worthy for attracting commercial financing and achieving financial sustainability.

In terms of content, the course has five modules, and course participants who successfully complete the assessment at the end will receive a certificate of completion from the World Bank. The modules include;

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Utility Financing, discusses the basic financial concepts and unique aspects of a water utility.
  • Module 2: Financial Aspects of Water Utilities, discusses the different types of financial statements issued by water utilities.
  • Module 3: Applied Financial Concepts, introduces some of the critical financial concepts.
  • Module 4: Utility Finance in Practice, focuses on measuring the creditworthiness of water utilities.
  • Module 5: Assessment, comprises 15 randomized questions.

Learn more about how to enroll here.