UNU-Flores host Nexus Seminar on 19 June

UNU-FLORES in collaboration with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of TU Dresden host the Nexus Seminar Series. The joint seminar series, features lectures by senior scholars that highlight all dimensions of research on the Nexus Approach, ranging from hands-on implementation strategies to theoretical debates.

On 19 June, the Nexus Seminar No. 21 will be hosted in Dresden with the theme “The role of complexity in addressing the water quality challenge”.

Nexus-related water quality problems, such as micro pollution or leaching in agriculture, are usually described as highly complex or “wicked” problems that resist solutions.

This presentation provides insight into the multifaceted complexity of 37 pollution-related and shows how the complexities of these problems impact on solutions in practice.

More information about the nexus seminar.