UN postage stamps for World Toilet Day 2021

17 November, 2021

United Nations stamps are miniature works of art, which have won international design awards. They are created by artists from around the world, and printed in different countries by the finest printers.

For World Toilet Day 2021, UN Stamps has created three new postage stamp designs, depicting some of the most important ways toilets, water and hygiene add value to our lives:

  • Safely managed toilets and water services dispose of our waste, helping prevent food crops from being contaminated and ensuring sustainable use of water in agriculture.
  • Good hygiene practices are only possible with reliable and affordable water and sanitation services, helping to protect people from preventable diseases such as COVID-19 and cholera.
  • Toilets at home, school and workplaces especially benefit women and girls, helping them play their full role in society, especially during menstruation and pregnancy.

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