Providing education on menstrual hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene Day, celebrated annually on 28 May, aims to break taboos and raise awareness about the importance of good menstrual hygiene management for women and adolescent girls worldwide.

The day complements other important days of the year in relationship to sanitation and hygiene, such as 15 October for Global Handwashing Day or 19 November for World Toilet Day.

The day help to break the silence and build awareness about the fundamental role that good menstrual hygiene management plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential. Without safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities at home, in school or at work, it is harder for women and girls to lead safe, productive and healthy lives.

A safe water supply and improved sanitation facilities are especially important as women have specific hygiene needs during menstruation, pregnancy and child rearing.

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