In search of breakthroughs

In developing countries, relevant data on water quantity and quality often are non-existent or not affordable. Consequently, farmers cannot make well-informed decisions on daily operations or investments, resulting in sub-optimal harvests and overuse of valuable water.
The Government of Australia, the World Bank Group, Australian Aid and partners recently launch the Water Data Challenge. This challenge aims to improve the access to information, enabling resource-poor farmers make use of affordable, timely water data, resulting in better management of scarce water resources to support resilient, productive farms.

Innovation applications are accepted in three areas:

  1. Water Data Solutions:  To identify, develop and test data-led, highly cost-effective solutions, which satisfy the information needs of farmers—male and female, or the extension agents who support farmers, to reduce farmer’s water-related risks and costs.
  2. Water Data Investments:  To apply new approaches to facilitate and foster investments in the implementation of innovative data solutions, such as institution building, stakeholder platforms, public-private knowledge sharing methods, or mobilizing innovative financial mechanisms (e.g. insurance schemes).
  3. Capacity Development for Impact:  To promote the capacity development of farmers/small farming communities, extension agents, or data-provider operations/services ensuring user-centered solutions that result in higher production/yields or more efficient use of water.

To apply, please visit:

Applications due May 31, 2017