IYWC 2013 kicks off in Paris!

The International Year of Water Cooperation 2013 was officially launched on Monday 11 February with a high-level event taking place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. The event was opened by [...]

Download the Official Water Cooperation 2013 Brochure

This 8 page brochure contains all you need to know on the key areas of water cooperation to get you informed for your event or celebrations! The brochure will be [...]

New infographic poster on water cooperation

This great new poster on the 2013 website provides a glance at the main issues faced by Water Cooperation which need to be overcome to achieve a sustainable water future. 

Check out the Water Cooperation 2013 Advocacy Guide

This guide is intended to offer ideas, pieces of advice and links to useful resources to help you plan your advocacy campaign and make your voice heard. But please be [...]

Official water cycle poster for kids now available to download!

Join Goccia, the official mascot of World Water Day 2013, to learn about how water changes states and recycles itself on our planet, in this great new poster developed by [...]