The brochure is now available in Chinese!

The 8-page brochure contains all you need to know on the key areas of water cooperation to get you informed for your event or celebrations. It is now available in [...]

UNW-DPC's newsletter on “Capacity Development for Water Cooperation”

The latest newsletter of the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development features interviews with lead agencies and information on capacity development projects which promote water cooperation.

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New animation "Water and Development"

Water is crucial for the development. It is necessary to produce food, for health and security.
How exactly do these relationships work and what are the main challenges? Check [...]

New video: Searching for Water Peace

The five nations of the great Aral Sea Basin have been talking for 20 years without agreeing how to share water. This new video from the Food and Agriculture Organization [...]

Guess how many different logos can be created with our Logo Builder?

29184! That's the number of different logos you can create by choosing from 19 languages, a set of patterns, colors and streams of water. There are 19 x [...]