World Water Day, 22 March 2013

Public events in The Hague

Walking for Water

On 22 March, people will Walk for Water in The Netherlands and in many countries around the world.

Representatives of the Walking for Water Campaign will also take the floor during the celebrations of World Water Day in The Hague to present the initiative and the success story in the Netherlands over the last 10 years.

They will explain how the younger generation needs to understand what goes on in the world in relation to one of life’s essentials – water. However, understanding the issues is actually only half of the equation. Kids also need to discover that they have the power to do something about it, to create change.

That’s what’s so great about Walking for Water. Equal importance is placed on raising awareness about the issues and on empowering kids to help their peers get access to safe drinking water.

Walking for Water is an awareness and fundraising initiative that helps kids understand what many children their age in developing countries must do every single day to fetch water, often at the expense of being in school.

The concept of Walking for Water was pioneered in the Netherlands by NGO Aqua for All, and has grown in popularity every year since it started in 2003.

Visit Walking for Water website >>

Movies that Matter

The upcoming edition of the Movies that Matter Festival will take place in The Hague  from March 21st-March 27th. Movies that Matter Foundation, an initiative of Amnesty International, organises wide-ranging film programmes in which human rights take centre stage.

At 8 pm Last Call of the Oasis will be screened, a powerful and stimulating film by Jessica Yu that focuses on the neglected problem of impending global water shortages. The fountains and swimming pools in the desert city of Las Vegas, for example, are gradually guzzling the Hoover Dam reservoir dry. The film also addresses the continuing pollution of water, and we discover that the lawyer Erin Brockovich is still fighting the same case for countless residents who developed cancer as a result of poor water treatment legislation.The film is an urgent wake-up call, showing people’s carelessness with drinking water all over the world.

Afterwards, a debate is organised with leading professionals and policy makers from the Unesco, Heineken, Royal Haskoning, and the World Bank among others. We will address the underexposed problem of global water shortages, the role that multinationals and governments can play in achieving a positive change, but also the question what we ourselves can do to battle water pollution- and wastage. How long will it take before we all will have to rely on sewage water – and how does this actually taste?

When & where?

Friday, March 22, 2013, 20:00hrs

Theater aan het Spui 

Spui 2

The Hague