Closing Ceremony

5-6 December 2013 | Mexico City, United Mexican States

The Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Water Cooperation will take place on 5-6 December in Mexico City, United Mexican States.

Among many of the goals achieved, the Year has been a means of strengthening the dialogue and cooperation with key stakeholders, at all levels. The ceremony will provide an opportunity to look at the major achievements of the International Year, explore modalities to further foster water cooperation and set the agenda for the follow-up to the International Year.

UN-Water at its 19th Session (Stockholm, 29 –31 August 2013) has welcomed the offer of the Government of Mexico to host the Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Water Cooperation. The Closing Ceremony is organized by UNESCO on behalf of UN-Water with the support of the Government of Mexico through the National Water Commission (CONAGUA). The Ceremony includes high level panels on the global perspectives of water security and cooperation, on the milestone events and on UN activities that took place during the Year.

Round tables discussions on the key messages of the International Year will be held and the ceremony will be concluded with the spotlight on the way ahead, including a focus on water in the preparations for the post-2015 Development Agenda.

How to participate

Participants from 40 countries have already registered! Those interested in participating, but not registered yet, can also register online by 28 November 2013.

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