Coordinating the UN's work on water and sanitation

UN-Water welcomes quotations for external review services

The tender for external review services for UN-Water is now open and independent review entities are encouraged to submit quotations.
The external review of UN-Water will assess current structures and capacities of UN-Water and will prepare the coordination mechanism to meet upcoming expectations and fulfil its mandate to support the UN system to deliver as one on water and sanitation. The overall scope of the 2017 external review includes two parts: (i) Reviewing past performance and assessing achievements of UN-Water, including governance set-up and financial support; and (ii) looking ahead to assess current structures vis-à-vis demands and expectations, and provide recommendations on possible configurations, limitations and scenarios for UN-Water.

The deadline for submitting a quotation is 6 September, 06:00 GMT and the activities will be undertaken between the anticipated contract start date of 18 September 2017 and end date of 31 December 2017.

In order to submit a bid entities need to first register with UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available here.

Quotations may be submitted here