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Targets and Indicators


The global goal for water is supported by a coherent, cohesive and mutually reinforcing set of targets that will help countries reach the goal by 2030. To facilitate understanding of the multiple functions water plays in society, the framework is structured into five measurable and interconnected targets. The short versions of these targets are below. Under each link, you will find descriptions of each of the targets and more resource material.


Target A: Achieve universal access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene


Target B: Improve by (x%) the sustainable use and development of water resources in all countries


Target C: All countries strengthen equitable, participatory and accountable water governance


Target D: Reduce wastewater pollution and improve water quality by reducing untreated domestic and industrial wastewater by (x%); increasing wastewater reused safely by (y%); and reducing nutrient pollution by (z%) to maximize water resource availability and improve water quality.


Target E: Reduce mortality by (x%) and economic loss by (y%) from natural and human-induced water- related disasters.


Last update:07 Oct 2014