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Mapping exercise of activities of UN-Water members and partners in the area of water quality

The mapping exercise on water quality is a contribution to the  overarching goals of UN-Water. It was initiated by the UN-Water Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on Water Quality, led by UNEP. In addition to UNEP’s leadership, the work has been coordinated and supervisedby the UN Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development (UNW DPC).
It benefits from expertise and insights gathered during previous mapping exercises, e.g. by the mapping of activities related to transboundary waters management. Preliminary findings were presented in Stockholm mid August 2011 to the TPA leadership and briefly during the UN-Water meeting in Stockholm. Further input and feedback from TPA members on their activities was received. TPA members and UN-Water members were encouraged to check their entries to the data sheet and to continuously provide updates to the TPA. Some input and feedback was received. Keeping members activity lists up to date requires limited but continuous effor