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2008 - UN-Water Annual Report 2007

UN-Water's Governance

2008 - Status Report on Integrated Water Resource Management and Water Efficiency Plans at CSD 16

Status Report on Integrated Water Resources Management
This Report, compiled by UN-Water, aims to illustrate progress made on meeting the target to “Develop integrated water resources management and water efficiency plans by 2005, with support to developing...

2007 - UN-Water and Global Water Partnership Roadmapping for Advancing Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Processes

The goods and services provided by water play a centralrole in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) adopted at the Millennium Summit in New Yorkin 2000. Good water governance -...

2006 - Task Force on Gender and Water, Report 2005-2006

The Interagency Gender and Water Task Force (GWT F), established by the Interagency Network on  Women and Gender Equality (IANWGE) in 2003, has b een requested by UN-Water to take...

2006 - Gender, Water and Sanitation: A Policy Brief

Policy and Analytical Briefs
In most societies, women have primary responsibility for management of household water supply, sanitation and health. Water is necessary not only for drinking, but also for food production and preparation,...

2006 - Coping with Water Scarcity

UN–Water has identified coping with water scarcity as part of the strategic issues and priorities requiring joint action. This note presents the UN–Water joint plan of action (PoA) for this...

2006 - Water Monitoring: Mapping Existing Global Systems and Initiatives

The long-term sustainability of water is in doubt in many  regions of the world. Currently, humans use about half the  water that is readily available. Water use has been growing...

2006 - Water, a Shared Responsibility

World Water Development Report
The Report builds on the conclusions of the 1st United Nations World Water Development Report 'Water for People, Water for Life' published in 2003. It presents a comprehensive picture of...

2005 - Task Force on Gender and Water, Report 2004-2005

The Gender and Water Task Force (GWTF) is responsible for the gender issues component of the UN-Water programme which will coordinate the ‘Water-for-Life’ Decade, 2005-2015. The Task Force activities should...

2005 - A Gender Perspective on Water resources and Sanitation

Within the next 20 years freshwater will become the most important strategic resource, essential for sustaining life and achieving sustainable development. Its control will be a...
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