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2016 - The Economic Commission for Europe Water Convention and the United Nations Watercourses Convention

This analysis is a timely and essential reading for those wishing to understand the contribution of the two Conventions to international water law, and provides reassurance as to their complementarity....

2015 - Compendium of Water Quality Regulatory Frameworks: Which Water for Which Use?

Water quality issues are complex and dynamic in nature and need urgent attention and action. Improving efficiency of water use requires regulatory frameworks that better reflect how different water uses...

2015 - Summary: Compendium of Water Quality Regulatory Frameworks: Which Water for Which Use?

Policy and Analytical Briefs
This shorter version of the full compendium of water quality regulatory frameworks provides a summary irecent water quality guidelines and standards for different uses. 

2015 - Water and Sustainable Development: From Vision to Action: Means and tools for implementation and the role of different actors

The attached report of the 2015 UN-Water Zargoza Conference is entitled, From Vision to Action, focusing on tools for implementation and on actors role. Compiled by the United...

2015 - UN-Water Annual Report 2014

UN-Water's Governance

2015 - Tackling the Challenges of SDG Monitoring: A Roadmap Outlining the Costs and Value of a Water Sector Monitoring System

A coalition of technical experts propose to provide analysis that integrates new data instruments, technologies, standards and approaches with existing systems for the monitoring of...