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2012 - Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk

World Water Development Report
The fourth edition of the World Water Development Report (WWDR4), ‘Managing Water under Uncertainty and Risk’ is a comprehensive review of the world's freshwater resources and seeks to demonstrate, among...

2012 - Scoping Study - International Water Quality Guidelines for Aquatic Ecosystems

In September 2010 , UN Water established a Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on water quality to enhance interagency collaboration on water quality and support governments in addressing global water quality...

2012 - Mapping exercise of activities of UN-Water members and partners in the area of water quality

The mapping exercise on water quality is a contribution to the  overarching goals of UN-Water. It was initiated by the UN-Water Thematic Priority Area (TPA) on...

2011 - UN-Water Work Programme 2010-2011

UN-Water's Governance

2011 - Water in a Green Economy - A Statement by UN-Water for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 (Rio+20)

This statement reflects a collective opinion of the UN-Water Members and comprises recommendations to the participants of the UNCSD 2012 as well as a list of potential actions in...

2011 - UN-Water Policy Brief: Water Quality

Policy and Analytical Briefs
This policy brief is a collaborative output of the UN-Water members and partners directed at practitioners, policymakers and decision-makers in water resource management and other relevant sectors. The policy brief...

2011 - UN-Water Annual Report 2010

UN-Water's Governance

2011 - Water Country Briefs Diagnostic Workshop Proceedings

The diagnostic workshop’s objectives were to: decide on target audiences; decide on the exact outputs and outcomes of the project (including indicators); decide on countries and political processes; identify what data and information are required; consider the main...

2010 - Gender-disaggregated Data on Water and Sanitation: Expert Group Meeting Report (2009)

Gender considerations are at the heart of providing, managing and conserving the world’s water resources as well as for safeguarding public health and  private dignity through  proper provision of sanitation...

2010 - UN-Water Key Messages on Climate Change and Water

Water is the primary medium through which climate change influences the Earth's ecosystems and therefore people’s livelihoods and well-being. Already, water-related climate change impacts are being experienced in the form...
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