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United Nations Documentation Center on Water and Sanitation

The online repository of the UN Documentation Centre on Water and Sanitation has been developed and is being maintained by UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC), with the support of the Municipality of Zaragoza in Spain. It provides access to a wealth of publications related to water and sanitation and produced by the United Nations System.

Every day new publications are fed into the repository from all United Nations entities. A search engine allows to search publications based on keywords and categories, including:

  • Themes (e.g. climate change, disaster prevention, financing, gender)
  • Region/Country
  • Basin
  • UN body
  • Purpose (e.g. media, water operators, educators, health professionals)
  • Publication type (e.g. atlas, fact sheet, glossary, executive summary)

A Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed displays the latest publications on different web sites. The UN-Water Activity Information System (UNW-AIS) was one of the first UN-Water web sites added to the Documentation Centre that uses this service. The RSS feed can be adapted to different needs and users (e.g. displaying the latest publications from a specific UN agency or programme).

A publications review is sent out to subscribers every two months in English and Spanish containing the latest water and sanitation related publications produced by United Nations system. As of November 2012 the bimonthly was being sent to 4 800 subscribers.

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Last update:07 Oct 2014