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World Water Day Messages Reach Symbolic Number

World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March, is a day when people around the world raise awareness of the cause of water. This year, thousands of people participated in public events including concerts, picnics, sport events, debates and special focus in schools. The social media buzz was remarkable as 700 million people - somewhat less than the number of people who lack access to improved water sources - potentially saw the messages spread with the hashtag #World Water Day.




UN Launches World Water Development Report in Tokyo

The UN-Water celebrations of World Water Day were held in Tokyo, Japan, at the United Nations University where the 2014 campaign coordinated by UNU and UNIDO culminated in a two-day celebration. One of the main events featured the launch of the World Water Development Report and other activities included a high-level panel debate, a journalist workshop, the Water for Life Awards, a photo exhibition, side events and a book launch by UNU-Flores, UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development and IHA.




UN-Water Members and Partners Mobilized on World Water Day

UN-Water's celebrations of World Water Day largely saw Members and Partners active in various events and activties. Some examples: UNESCAP held a commemoration in Bangkok (photo) and UNDP in Ecuador organized a day for teachers and children (photo). At the same time UNDP was one of the UN entities that presented the World Water Development report in Stockholm similarly to UNESCO in Paris. UNCCD's Executive Secretary published a message, UNICEF was active on social media with the #wateris social media campaign, the World Bank promoted the 'thirsty energy initative' and GWP launched its global strategy at the UN-Water event in Tokyo. 






Latest from UNW-AIS 

** UN-Water initiative on Capacity Development to Support National Drought Management policies: Materials from 2nd regional workshop now available.




Focus: Post-2015 Development Agenda

** On the occasion of World Water Day, 57 Permanent Representatives sign letter in support of a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation.

** Open Working Group to discuss water's role in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Watch it live on 1 April from 3-6pm EST.

** Executive Summary - A Post-2015 Global Goal for Water: Synthesis of Key Findings and Recommendations from UN-Water.

** WASH: Post-2015

The WASH vision for Post-2015




Upcoming events

** 1 April - 4 April:  Third International Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management

** 9 April -  10 April:  UNECE Water Convention Joint Bodies Workshop

** 29 April - 30 April:  First African Water Integrity Learning Summit



Latest Publications

World Water Developement Report

Bi-Monthly Publications Review

FAO's new e-book: Coping with Water Scarcity - an action framework for agriculture and food security

UNU-FLORES SPRINGER: Governing the Nexus, Water, Waste and Soil Resources Considering Global Change


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