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December 18, 2013
Main achievements in 2013...

Involving stakeholders to shape a new sustainable development framework

UN-Water engaged a wide range of stakeholders from national authorities, civil society, youth and the private sector in the discussion on the role of water in a future sustainable development framework. The consultation - organised by UN-Water and co-led by UNICEF and UNDESA - and the High Level Forum assembled in The Hague on World Water Day 2013 recognised that water is a prerequisite in the future development framework in order to attain vital economic, equity, employment, health, educational, agriculture/food and energy benefits and for maintaining ecosystems services and supporting resilience to climate change.

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Promoting water cooperation

Among many of the goals achieved, the 2013 International Year of Water Cooperation and World Water Day - both coordinated by UNESCO in collaboration with UNECE and UNDESA on behalf of UN-Water - have been a means of strengthening the dialogue and cooperation with key stakeholders, at all levels. Water cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably. Cooperation is key to achieve a water secure world.

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Improving the knowledge base to support informed decision making

In 2013, the UN-Water family released a series of publications including the JMP 2013 update, the UN-Water Country Briefs for 13 pilot countries and the Analytical Brief on Water Security and the Global Water Agenda. UN-Water monitors and reports on the state, use and management of the world's freshwater resources and on the situation of sanitation through a series of inter-connected and complementary publications. Together, these publications provide a comprehensive picture and, individually, a more in depth analysis of specific issues or geographic areas.

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Rewarding best practices

The 2013 edition of the UN-Water "Water for Life" Best Practices Award was given during a special ceremony during World Water Day celebrations on 22 March in The Hague, Netherlands, to two outstanding initiatives: for improved groundwater management using the system of nature in Kumamoto, Japan and for promoting the access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all in the Republic of Moldova.

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A growing UN-Water family

In 2013, UN-Water welcomed the Mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation as new Partner with Special Status and IIASA, IRC, WaterLex, WCCE and the WYPW as new Partners, expanding the family to a total of 31 UN Members and 34 Partners.

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...Not to miss in 2014

2014 will be equally exciting with in particular the negotiations for the post-2015 development agenda and UN-Water proposal for a Water Goal, World Water Day on Water and Energy, the annual UN-Water Conference in Zaragoza, the UN-Water "Water for Life" Best Practices Award, the World Water Week in Stockholm, the publication of the much expected World Water Development Report on Water and Energy, and much more!

UNW-AIS: UN-Water's web platform to share information on its water-related projects and learning initiatives, as well as those of its Members and Partners.

  • New:

    The UN-Water Initiative on "Capacity Development to Support National Drought Management Policies", a joint initiative of WMO, UNCCD, FAO, UNW-DPC and now including CBD, held its second regional workshop from 4-6 December 2013 in Fortaleza, Brazil for Latin American and Caribbean countries.

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Latest publications

Check out latest UN publications on water and sanitation in the Bimonthly Publications Review produced by UNW-DPAC.

Upcoming events

• 14-16 Jan: UN-Water Annual Conference in Zaragoza, Spain

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