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World Water Week in Stockholm, with the overarching theme "Water and Food Security"

26-31 August 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden

23.08.2012 -

This year the World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden will address the theme "Water and Food Security". UN-Water will jointly organize and contribute to a series of seminars and events and also expects you throughout the week at the UN-Water Pavilion in the exhibition Hall B.


Sunday 26 August


Side event | 12.45 to 13.45: Drive to 2015: Big or Small - Sanitation for All!

The United Nations have put their efforts behind the Drive to 2015 to take concrete action and achieve sanitation and hygiene for all. The Drive calls for ending open defecation - a practice where inequalities between different social groups are most starkly evidenced. The Drive urges all to tackle this inequity by giving priority to the poorest and most marginalized populations. The Drive's latest campaign material, including a planner's guide, factsheets and a flyer will be presented at this event organized by UN-Water Thematic Priority Area on Drinking Water and Sanitation. Discussion will explore how equity-focused approaches can help to realize the right to sanitation. With three years left, participants will also focus on accelerating progress towards the MDG sanitation target, while also looking at how to influence the post 2015 development framework.


Seminar | 14.00 to 17.30: The UN-Water Stakeholder Dialogue on "Green Accounting, with a Focus on World Water Scenarios for Our Future"

Accelerating change and increasing uncertainty and risk pose challenges on how best to manage the world's limited freshwater resources. It is essential we equip decision-makers with the right tools. Water Scenarios and Green Accounting projects will be discussed by experts and stakeholders, and probing questions posed to panellists.

Side event | 17.45 to 18.45: Water Resources Management from Rio+20 to post MDGs

At Rio+20 UN-Water and UNEP successfully launched the most comprehensive global survey to-date on the status of water resources management. Using the report findings as a starting point, the establishment of a regular global reporting mechanism and definition of post-MDG goal(s) and targets for water will be discussed. 


Monday 27 August


Seminar | 12.00 to 13.45: Tracking National Financial Flows to Sanitation, Hygiene and Drinking-water

UN-Water GLAAS proposed a standard approach for tracking national financial flows for sanitation and drinking-water. It is proposed that this method be globally tested in 2012/13 and then used as the methodology to collect the GLAAS 2014 financial data. Participants will discuss how it could be further developed and adopted.


Seminar | 15.45 to 18.45: The UN International Year and World Water Day 2013: Water Cooperation

The UN International Year 2013 and the World Water Day, 22 March 2013, will be devoted to the theme of Water Cooperation. The Seminar will officially launch and introduce the preparations for both, the Year and the Day, and will allow participants to exchange their views and perspectives on the essence of water cooperation.


Seminar | 15.45 to 18.45: The Role of Water and Sanitation in Enhancing Resilience and Food Security. Approaches and Challenges

This seminar, convened by the World Food Programme and the Swedish Red Cross with the support of FAO, IFRC and ODI, focuses on the role of sanitation and water-related food security interventions in building resilience, and asks how programmes, projects, initiatives and approaches by the IFRC and WFP contribute to reduce communities' vulnerability across the relief to development spectrum. A panel discussion with donors, NGOs, international organisations and exchanges with the public will map out future challenges and ways forward in achieving more resilient livelihoods through this type of interventions, including what opportunities exist for novel partnerships.


Side event | 17.45 to 18.45: Moving forward: Lessons from the World Water Development Report 4

Building onthe 6th World Water Forum, Rio+20, and other recent milestones, this event focuses on the 5th edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR5). Many economic sectors compete for finite water resources. Explicit trade-offs will need to be made in order to allocate water to uses which maximize achievable benefits across a number of developmental sectors. How can the WWDR5 support this?


Tuesday 28 August


Side event | 17.45 to 18.45: UN-Water project on the "Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture"

Wastewater is a resource in urban and peri-urban areas which can alleviate pressure on (fresh) water sources and improve food security. To ensure that its use is safe, national policies and strategies need to be in place. This UN-Water capacity development project brings together expertise in UN agencies to focus on the issue.


Thursday 30 August


Seminar | 9.00 to 12.30: "Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – Preparing the Next Generation of Goals, Targets and Indicators"

The WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) and partners have initiated an inclusive process to identify and prepare the next generation of global targets and related indicators regarding drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, addressing all aspects of the human right to drinking water and sanitation, especially equity and non-discrimination issues. This seminar will give an overview on the current status and progress made in each area. It will offer an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on the process and the first outcomes in identifying a new generation of practical and comprehensive global targets and indicators.